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Emerald Works is a leading digital first provider of workplace performance support tools and resources. We believe that competence and confidence leads to healthy professional relationships, inspiring cultures and thriving working communities. Growth, at work and in life, is what we’re passionate about.

We help challenge convention, bring people together in the name of discovery and put into practice what really matters. We want to provoke the kind of debate that leads to positive change.

We pursue our vision through our internationally recognized and respected product and service brand, Mind Tools: trusted, on-demand resources that help ambitious people to perform, manage and lead with confidence.


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Emerald Group shortlisted for 2022 Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards

November 2022

Mind Tools helps ambitious people perform, manage and lead with confidence.

As an Emerald Works company Mind Tools puts you in control, supports you all the way and encourages good habits so you develop the confidence to step up and thrive in today’s ever-changing workplaces.

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