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50 years strong
and still learning

Emerald is a group of brands, passionate about learning and empowering real change.

The group has evolved over the years into a dynamic, digital-first business employing over 500 people worldwide. All are driven by a common purpose to unlock talent and equip decision-makers with the evidence and tools to make smart choices and tackle real-world challenges. Emerald Publishing has its roots in academic research, founded in 1967, with a continuing ambition to change lives through learning.

As one of the world's leading digital-first publishers, we commission, curate and show case research that tackles key societal challenges, aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

50 years of research, experience, understanding and experimentation.

Emerald Works shares the same pioneering spirit, as a leading digital first provider of workplace performance support tools and resources. We pursue our vision through our internationally recognised and respected product and service brand, Mind Tools; empowering people to thrive in today’s ever-changing workplaces.

Collectively, Emerald believes that competence and confidence leads to healthy professional relationships, inspiring cultures and thriving working communities. Growth, at work and in life, is what we’re passionate about and work hard to support.

We stand up for fresh thinking in both academia and practice, to help challenge convention, bring people together in the name of discovery and put into practice what really matters. We want to provoke the kind of debate that leads to positive change.

Mind Tools helps ambitious people perform, manage and lead with confidence.

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