Our Story

We are here to deliver real impact through evidence-based learning that sparks real change.

Our Story

We feed on data, insight and knowledge, actively reaching out through our community to tap into real experiences. We listen, record and capture fresh insights to keep decisions smart and on the edge of what’s next. We believe blind acceptance is a near enemy of the truth and are committed to changing lives through learning.

That commitment took root in 1967 with an ambition to make a difference by advancing the research and practice of business management. Our ambition remains but the means have moved on, and so have we.

In 2015 Good Practice joined the group, bringing award-winning learning and performance resources.

In 2017 Towards Maturity brought their capacity to accelerate industry change through research, data analysis and consultancy.

And in 2019, we acquired Mind Tools, a leading authority on career development, inspiring 24 million learners in 160 countries with its consumer-style resources.


This unique collaboration of skills and resources has created a world-class organisation that helps millions of people around the globe to be the best version of themselves. Collectively changing lives through learning.