5 expectations of today's consumer learner

This report aims to provide an understanding of the needs and expectations of learners in the modern, technological world. For L&D professionals, there is a real sense of responsibility for delivering accessible, engaging learning models. However, with the world evolving and becoming ever- more technologically advanced. The needs of learners adapts to fit the modern, consumer world.

5 expectations of today's consumer learner

This report is based on original research with more than 2,900 respondents in the U.S and U.K is an exploration of what managers want to achieve through learning.

It identifies five key learning expectations you need to meet, and presents four action takeaways to help you to meet the  changing needs of your learners and take advantage of the opportunity this provides you with.

In this report, we seek to: 

  • Identify five key learning expectations that need to be met by L&D professionals
  • Provides four action points to help meet the needs of consumer learners 
  • ​Understand how to adapt current learning models to grow and adapt to changes presented

About the author

Mind Tools

Mind Tools

Mind Tools was started in 1996 to offer practical online learning to people in the workplace.

By the time they joined Emerald in March 2019, they had grown into the one of the world’s most comprehensive learning resources, with millions of individual learners in 50 countries worldwide.

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