Going beyond ticking the box

Compliance training increases profitability. It also improves our understanding of how to work successfully and safely within the workplace.

Going beyond ticking the box

Ensuring users are engaged in compliance training is a key focus of learning and development for any organization. By providing organizations with insights on how to ensure that compliance training is accessible for learners, user engagement can increase and create positive change within the workplace.

In this report, we aim to address the need for new, exciting ways to carry out mandatory compliance training and provide insights in to how this can be achieved; allowing companies to go ‘beyond the ticking box.

In this report, we seek to:

  • Use data and insights to inform employers of possible positive changes

  • Provide an understanding of what technologies are available to make changes to compliance learning

  • Increasing learner responsibility within companies - helping employers to aid individual learning

  • Providing solutions for gaps in user engagement

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Towards Maturity

Towards Maturity

Towards Maturity was founded in 2003 with a mission to help learning professionals deliver effective learning innovation that makes a real impact.

Since joining Emerald in 2017, we've extended the reach and insight of this industry research program across the wider international learning community. Today, we serve more than 65,000 learners across more than 83 countries and counting.

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