Making an impact (2016): How L&D leaders can demonstrate value

Technology is changing the way we work, and data is now widely available to inform decision-making and improve operations.

Making an impact (2016): How L&D leaders can demonstrate value

Technology; something used every day by millions in the workplace. Therefore, Learning and Development must adapt to this ever-changing technological world in order to successfully deliver impactful and effective L&D.

For learners and employees in any workplace to feel engaged, it is vital that practitioners of L&D are providing effective transformations to meet the needs of their learners in the face of change. Many L&D professionals use technology to modernize their learning approach.

In this report, we seek to:  

  • Demonstrate how organizations can adapt to the changing learning landscape 

  • Provide clear, practical advice on how to modernize learning - using data to build L&D credibility 

  • Use data and research to highlight successful model for improvement and continuous growth

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