The Transformation Journey

This report is a direct continuation to the publication of The Transformation Curve. Here we discuss barriers in L&D’s transformation journey from the left to the right of that Curve.

The Transformation Journey

Learning and Development requires constant adaptation and transformation to ensure that it is delivering the best results for the needs of the individuals.

In this report, the current situation of L&D is addressed; where there is room for improvement to ensure the best results for the organization, and what strategies are successful. A cohesive learning journey is important, by providing organizations with the right tools to understand what works best for learners, by providing data and examples of how this has been successfully implemented.  

In this report, we seek to: 

  • Provide evidence and data for organizations of strategies that deliver a positive impact 

  • Highlight a successful ‘roadmap’ for transformation

  • Ensure a positive, systematic model for L&D practitioners to follow, creating a more cohesive learning experience

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