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Reflect on your learning successes and barriers with our comprehensive, independent review. Compare against peers and the highest performing organizations with our Learning Health Check. That way, you'll gain new insights and create successful learning strategies in the workplace.

Learning Health Check
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What is the Learning Health Check?

The Learning Health Check is the process of benchmarking your business processes and comparing performance metrics with those of other organizations. This 40-minute review will guide you through a series of questions about your learning offering and impact. And help you to reflect on areas that need improvement.

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New for 2020, you’ll get VIP Insight Status when you complete the Health Check, which includes:

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4. A chance to join the Learning Innovation Group – a community of thought leaders and innovators.

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Results dashboard

Personalized data and results

Once you complete your Health Check review, you’ll get access to your personalized results dashboard. Here, you’ll see data that highlights how you compare with other organizations in areas such as learning technologies, and which parts of your learning strategy you want to improve on. In addition to your results, the dashboard also highlights trends in technologies, common barriers and top L&D skills.

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What our clients have to say...

For me it’s like a continuous activity that you should be engaged in. Each time we take the review, the results improve.

We agreed on a plan that would help us become a highly credible team, both internally and externally. This benchmarking tool would give us a guide to how we were continuously improving throughout a three-year period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

View the most commonly asked questions about the Learning Health Check

The Learning Health Check helps you reflect on your current learning strategy, highlights areas of improvement and shows you how your organization compares to others. Whatever your starting point, our Learning Health Check analyzes where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there faster.

The Health Check covers learning and development strategy, vision, practice, process, digitalization, pain points, impact and measurement. It’s robust and evidence-based. That’s because it’s continuously developed in partnership with academia and methodology specialists, L&D practitioners, business leaders and subject matter experts.

The Learning Health Check is the only free, independent and confidential benchmark available to learning and development professionals. And has been vital in our research and analysis for over 15 years.

The Health Check helps you take the next step in becoming a high-performing learning organization. Ensuring your learning strategy is evidence-led and delivers real impact. Completing your Health Check gives you access to your own personalized results dashboard. Through this, you can explore your organization’s learning strategy by focusing on culture, alignment, digitalization, strategy in practice, learning design and leadership.

Simply set aside just 40 minutes to reflect on your organization’s learning strategy and goals. You’ll be guided through our carefully constructed questions, designed to measure and assess the impact of learning and development strategies. Based on your data, we’ll benchmark you against thousands of other organizations. Your position is calculated by considering six characteristics, which impact the four critical levers of business: growth, transformation, productivity and profitability (sustainability for not-for-profit organizations).

All learning professionals are encouraged to take part and make time to reflect on how learning helps their business.

Asking challenging questions is at the heart of what we do. We recognize your contribution and treat your data with the respect, dignity and confidentiality it deserves. This is reflected in our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions.

Our team of experts can help you interpret your results and make smart decisions that deliver real impact. If you would like to talk through your personalized Health Check dashboard, get in touch.