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L&D Lowdown - April 2021

Welcome to your round-up of L&D news, hacks and hints.

April 2021 | Emerald Works

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Top tips for tackling employee burnout

A little stress can be a great motivator. But too much of it, combined with excessive work demands and personal life stressors, can lead us to burn out.

April 2021 | Alastair Roy

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How to de-stress at work

With 77% of employees experiencing burnout from stress, it’s never been more important to relax at work. [1] Let’s explore ways for you and your team to chill out.

April 2021 | Alastair Roy

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Developing mental toughness, With Peter Clough

How many times have you heard phrases like "it's tough at the top" or "you need a thick skin to survive here"? It would seem that the business world is no place for sensitive people, or anyone lacking in self-confidence.

March 2021 | Rachel Salaman

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Reflections on #ChooseToChallenge – International Women’s Day webinar 2021

Helen Essex brings us the round up from our International Women's Day webinar.

March 2021 | Helen Essex

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