Emerald Works key statistics

We love numbers. They make up the stats and evidence at the heart of our learning solutions.

Written by Alastair Roy
Published 05 February 2020
Emerald Works key statistics
In our first 24 hours as Emerald Works, over 2,000 people – from around the world – visited our site.

While they looked, our 100-plus colleagues celebrated our launch with four cakes and a dozen bottles of fizz.

But enough about us. Here are the stats that really matter, on our learners and clients.


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Alastair Roy

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Alastair brings 15 years' experience writing, editing and prodding at content. During that time, he’s picked up copywriting, content marketing and video editing skills. Along with two shirts and about a stone in weight. At Emerald Works, he enjoys creating resources that help people better themselves.

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