Launch of the new ‘Learning Performance Benchmark’ by Mind Tools for Business

Robust L&D analytics and actionable insights for performance driven L&D

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Published 26 July 2021
Launch of the new ‘Learning Performance Benchmark’ by Mind Tools for Business
Previously known as the Learning Health Check, the new Learning Performance Benchmark by Mind Tools for Business proudly holds an 18-year trusted legacy of cutting-edge research and personalised analytics on L&D strategy and practice.

Today, Mind Tools for Business’s launch of the new Learning Performance Benchmark demonstrates our commitment to supporting a performance driven learning community of practice.

The Learning Performance Benchmark is a free, independent, and confidential L&D comparison tool, that measures the impact of your organization’s learning strategy and helps you understand the level of learning maturity in your organisation.

By completing the Learning Performance Benchmark L&D leaders can accurately benchmark their function’s strategy against peers and reflect on current strategy with gap analysis.

L&D strategists and practitioners, from across all sectors will have access to our newly designed platform where they will be able to visualise how their organization implements its L&D practice. Delivering rich insights that are gathered in a personalized dashboard, the Learning Performance Benchmark will outline recommendations on how to move towards a high performing learning organization that can support the delivery of greater growth, transformation, productivity and performance.

‘I’m so proud of our company and of the dedication and expertise of our excellent team in delivering on our commitment to provide the Learning Performance Benchmark for the benefit of the entire learning community. The new platform takes the analytics and usability to the next level – so I encourage all L&D leaders to give it a try and benefit immediately from our robust, action-oriented insights.’
John Yates, Chief Executive Officer, Emerald Works

‘For over 18 years the Learning Performance Benchmark has combined data and analysis to help L&D leaders identify clear actions to increase L&D’s impact on business results. Our new rebuild from the ground up, by our dynamic product team, not only offers significant improvements in user experience, but also provides deeper insights for L&D to take action on. It lays the foundations for exciting future enhancements and capabilities for those who want to be evidence-informed and develop impactful learning strategies.’
Owen Ferguson, Chief Product Officer, Emerald Works

Discover more on the Learning Performance Benchmark.

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