Watch the Learning News interview with John Yates

Our CEO John Yates discusses his priorities in the new role, how the coronavirus is affecting businesses, and what our customers’ main challenges are right now.

Written by Emerald Works
Published 18 June 2020
Watch the Learning News interview with John Yates
In this interview with Learning News, John discusses the core values of our business – and how Emerald Works is helping learners and organizations during the coronavirus pandemic.

In the interview, John says our customers and people in the L&D industry “have had an urgent, critical role in handling the transition to home working, in helping to re-skill themselves, their teams, but also the whole of their business.”
He also acknowledges that things have moved on, saying, “We're now thinking about supporting folks who are returning to work, as well as those adjusting to working from home for the long term”.
To do it, we have released our COVID-19 Support Pack 2.0 on the Mind Tools platform. This collection of free online learning resources covers topics such as self-care and mental health, leading and managing a remote team, and making wise decisions in turbulent times.
Another way we’re helping people and organizations respond to the pandemic is by updating the Learning Health Check with questions on the impact of COVID-19 on the L&D sector.
As John says, “We’re a powerful combination of independent research data and insight through the Health Check.”
Emerald Works just launched the 2020 Learning Health Check. You can take it today to show how your digital learning maturity compares with other organizations. And get practical tips to improve. These are increasing important in light of Fosway research that reveals organizations with digital maturity as twice as likely to survive the pandemic.*


* Fosway Group, ‘COVID-19 L&D RESEARCH: FIRST TAKE’ (2020).

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