Your toolkit update – July 2020

This month, we have updates to your toolkit’s Playlist and Uploader features and fresh content to help you return to the office safely.

Written by Mind Tools
Published 23 July 2020
Your toolkit update – July 2020

Your new toolkit features

New-and-improved playlist

We’ve updated your Playlist feature so you can now re-order content and add external sources or content libraries you subscribe to. Take a look at this quick video to see how. 

A smoother log-in experience

Remembering passwords is the bane of our lives. Which is one of the reasons we advise our clients to use Single Sign On (SSO) to access their toolkit. That way, users go straight – and safely – to the content they want without the need to sign in.

Because SSO isn’t always possible, we wanted to make sure people can still easily access content – and improve their user experience. So, we’ve re-designed your login page and updated our password retrieval and self-registration processes.

As well as a fresh new look, you can now show and hide your password to check you’re not rocking ALL CAPS by mistake.

Upload and edit your own content

You may remember we delivered a beta Uploader earlier this year – letting you add your own multi-media content.

We've released the next version, which many of you already use and love. With your new-and-improved Uploader tool, you can now edit and delete any content you add to your toolkit.

We've given the interface a fresh look as well, making it more user-friendly, and adding more colour and imagery. What’s more, you can now add your own content to your playlists. Woohoo!

This quick guide will show you how.


New content

Quick and Easy Self-Motivation Hacks – animated infographic

From smart goal setting to motivational mentors, discover scientifically proven ways to re-energize and boost your productivity. And to really help you get going, we’ve animated this infographic for you.


Support for returning to the office

With many offices opening their doors after lockdown, our latest articles look at ways to help you and your people return to work safely.

Most-searched for

We can help you track the content your people are searching for – and looking at – most. Your account manager can give you reports which reveal popular topics and resources to build on. And spot any gaps to plug!

This quarter, our search bots tell us that our most searched and viewed content has been How To De-Stress At Work. Discover stress-busters you and your learners can do from your home workstation or office desk.



Engagement tip

Did you know, you can use the Playlist and Uploader features together? Got a training session coming up? Upload the agenda, a PowerPoint presentation and any other content you want to. Then add it to a Playlist with toolkit resources around that topic. People can view your Playlist on the toolkit, or you can share it before your training session.

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