Boost Your Self-Motivation bundle

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Do you keep putting off that project? Finding your day-to-day dull? Or maybe you’re struggling to hit office mode while working from home?
Anyone can suffer from a slump. So, if you feel like you’ve lost your mojo, try these scientifically proven ways to reboot and get going again.

Boost Your Self-Motivation bundle

Getting over the global slump

If you feel low on juice, you’re not alone. Globally, just 15% of employees are engaged by – and enthusiastic about – the work they do.* For individuals, this wasted potential harms productivity and happiness levels. And for organizations, disengagement dents performance and profits.

Our infographic and animation reveal proven ways to boost your and your team’s motivation levels.

Self-Motivation Hacks Infographic

Quick and Easy Self-Motivation Infographic

Need to get going, already? Our motion infographic reveals six simple steps to boost your self-motivation levels.

You’ll find hacks you can try at your desk right now, and strategies for staying motivated in the long-run.

How to Boost Your Self-Motivation animation

Our infographic is a great place to start – giving you quick tips to boost your self-motivation.

In our animation, you’ll find even more tips to fall in love with your job again. You’ll discover how to wire into your inner and outside motivators, how to overcome ‘omission bias’, and how making yourself accountable boosts performance.

Boost Self-Motivation Video
* Gallup, ‘State of the Global Workplace’. (2019)

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