Giving feedback: Your 10-minute guide to giving feedback that works

The ability to give feedback effectively is a key skill for all managers. However, many people find it hard to do this, and they put it off until problems have escalated.

Written by Suzanne White
Published 13 March 2019
Giving feedback: Your 10-minute guide to giving feedback that works
This free and downloadable 10-minute guide outlines 10 tips that will make giving feedback less painful for your managers. It looks at how to plan feedback, how to deliver objective comments that people can act on, and how to follow up to ensure change. We know that both you and your managers are busy, so we've designed our guidance to be both quick to read, and easy to apply. Please feel free to share the guide with the managers in your organization. Click here to download your copy.

About the author

Suzanne White

Suzanne White

Performance and Development Manager
Suzanne has been working in the Client Success team since 2013 in a variety of roles, including managing client accounts and managing the team itself. Most recently, she has been focusing on ensuring the team delivers a top quality, consistent service to all clients in her role of Client Success Quality Manager. She has a real passion for L&D and also has two lively toddlers at home that keep her on her toes.

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