Grow Your Resilience FREE bundle

We’re living in strange times right now. Whether you’re finding remote work a challenge, or worried about a lack of job security, your resilience levels can help you cope better – today and tomorrow.
Resilience is our ability to adapt in the face of adversity, learn from difficult experiences and be better prepared for future challenges.
And contrary to common belief, resilience isn’t something you’re born with. We can all develop our resilience levels. This bundle brings you six resources to help build your bouncebackability.

Grow Your Resilience FREE bundle

Building resilience

A 2020 Gallup study reveals that 76% of employees experience burnout.* And those stats come in before the stresses and uncertainties most of us are feeling right now. Building up your resilience levels is a great way to combat burnout – and better prepare yourself for future challenges.

This bundle will help you become more resilient. Resources include articles, an infographic, animation, audio interview and self-assessment. All designed to help you grow your grit. 

What you’ll get in the bundle:

Resilience Infographic

1. The Road to Resilience infographic

Our infographic reveals what resilience really is – and why it’s such an important weapon to own. You’ll see what resilient people do and find practical tips to start building your resilience levels today.

Resilience download pdf

2. True Grit – Why Passion and Resilience Beat Talent

In this article, we explore the work of academic, psychologist and best-selling author, Angela Duckworth. In research that spans spelling-bee contestants to Olympic athletes, discover how hard work hammers talent every time.

Top Tips download pdf

3. Top Tips for Tackling Employee Burnout

A little stress can be a great motivator. But excessive work demands and personal life stressors can lead us to burn out. Here we reveal top tips to identify, prevent and tackle burnout in your team.

Resilience Audio Interview

4. How to Build Personal Resilience – audio interview

Facing and overcoming challenges depends on how resilient you are. In this interview, author and psychologist Dr John Nicholson reveals what you can do to assess and increase your resilience reserves.

Coping with Uncertainty Animation

5. Coping with Uncertainty animation

Things change fast, and dealing with uncertainty can be stressful. In this quirky animation, we reveal six practical steps you can start taking today to help you cope better in strange times like these.

Support Remote Working Questionnaire

6. How Well Do I Support My Remote Team?

This questionnaire will help you assess if you're offering the right amount of support for your remote working employees. And form a plan to make team members feel supported, valued and motivated.  

* Ben Wigert, ‘Employee Burnout: The Biggest Myth’. (2020). Available at: (accessed 16 April 2020).

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