Stakeholder management: Your 10-minute guide to winning support

How well do you know your stakeholders - and which of them will be supporters or blockers?

Written by Charlie Swift
Published 23 July 2019
Stakeholder management: Your 10-minute guide to winning support
To run a project successfully, you need the right people doing the right things to support it, which will depend on how you manage them.This free and downloadable 10-minute guide includes interactive worksheets to help you identify and communicate with the people who will make a difference.

We know that you and your teams are busy, so we've designed the guide to be quick to read and easy to apply.

You are welcome to share this free guide with the managers in your organization. Click here to download your copy.

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Charlie Swift

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Charlie has more than 20 years of editorial experience and has been working as a senior content editor since 2016. He researches and plans new content topics and formats, liaising with internal and external experts to gain the best insights into what the customers need.

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