Ultimate business bundle

Forget quarterly forecasts or monthly updates. Right now, the workplace is changing by the day.

That’s why we’ve combined our latest packs of skill-building resources into one place. So, you and your learners can dip in, adapt and work smarter.

Learning at Work Week

As part of Learning at Work Week 2020, we're giving you the chance to download our ultimate business bundle, including 20 free resources to help you on your learning journey.

Find your spark with our tips to boost your self-motivation, improve your bouncebackability with resources on resilience, equip yourself with the tools to face those difficult conversations, and learn how to navigate your team through the ‘new normal.’

Grow your resilience bundle

Grow your resilience

Contrary to common belief, resilience isn’t something you’re born with. We can all develop our resilience levels. This bundle brings you six resources to help build your bouncebackability.

What you'll get in the bundle:

  1. The road to resilience infographic
  2. True grit – Why passion and resilience beat talent
  3. Top tips for tackling employee burnout
  4. How to build personal resilience – audio interview
  5. Coping with uncertainty animation
  6. 'How well do I support my remote team?' questionnaire

How to manage the New Normal

If you’re a manager, your people are looking to you for answers and guidance. That’s why we’ve put together key resources to help you and your team manage the “new normal”.

What you'll get in this bundle:

  1. Developing emotional intelligence animation
  2. Top tips for managing virtual teams
  3. Dealing with aggressive behaviour infographic
  4. How to build trust in your team
  5. How to answer questions about change
  6. Keep calm and make plans
How to manage the New Normal bundle
Boost your self motivation bundle

Boost your self-motivation

Anyone can suffer from a slump. So, if you feel like you’ve lost your mojo, try these scientifically proven ways to reboot and get going again.

Our infographic and animation reveal proven ways to boost your and your team’s motivation levels.

What you'll get in this bundle:

  1. Quick and easy self-motivation Infographic
  2. How to boost your self-motivation animation

Difficult conversations

50% of managers say difficult conversations are the biggest challenge they face in their role.

So, we've developed the ultimate pack to help. Featuring six key resources to give you the courage – and equip you with everything you need – to handle those difficult conversations.

What you'll get in this bundle:

  1. 10 top tips before you do anything!
  2. How to handle the conversation
  3. Audio interview with Alex Grimsley
  4. A meeting template to get you ready
  5. Mixed up emotions exercise
  6. How to demonstrate active listening
Difficult conversations bundle

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