How do managers really learn?

Many L&D departments spend a significant proportion of their budgets on providing learning tools to support the development of leaders and managers.

Written by Emerald Works
Published 18 March 2016
How do managers really learn?
But, with 70% of organizations saying they don’t proactively investigate how their employees actually learn, or what they need to do their job better, is this money well spent?

Our research report, The Secret Learning Lives of UK Managers reveals what managers really do when they are faced with an unfamiliar challenge at work.

The findings are not what L&D might expect ...

This infographic summarises the result of our in-depth research on this topic, and also includes five practical take-aways that any L&D team can use to turn these findings into positive action.

For more insights and expert analysis, download your free copy of The Secret Learning Lives of UK Managers today.

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