8 reasons why you should be prioritizing L&D NOW!

There are many benefits of learning at work. But L&D professionals often struggle to get stakeholders on board when pushing for investment in learning programs.

July 2019 | Natalie Benfell

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Measuring and proving learning success in your organization

There are many benefits to learning at work: it can boost team and individual performance, improve employee retention, and contribute to your bottom line.

April 2019 | Natalie Benfell

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10 good reasons to keep learning!

It may seem hard to believe, but there are some unenlightened people in business who cast a skeptical eye on investment in learning. But let us not heap scorn on them!

March 2019 | Natalie Benfell

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Our L&D practitioner survey results: What are the biggest L&D challenges?

In October 2018 we surveyed over 400 learning and development (L&D). practitioners. We wanted to find out what organizations think about L&D, what their top challenges are, and what role technology plays in creating learning strategies. In this blog we explore some of the surprising results revealed by our survey.

March 2019 | Matthew Hughes

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Our learner survey results: Discover what your people need

Are you worried that you're not delivering the right kind of learning for your employees?

February 2019 | Oliver Craddock

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