L&D Lowdown - February 2021

Welcome to your round-up of L&D news, hacks and hints.

Written by Emerald Works
Published 18 February 2021
L&D Lowdown - February 2021

Forget roses. There are better ways to show your people you care this month. Like demonstrating some compassion, feeding their love for learning,and helping rekindle their passion for work. (Chocolate will do the job, too.)


Research & Insights

How to build passion in your workplace

Just 12 percent of us are passionate about our work right now. So, how can you put fire back in the belly of your workforce?


14 reasons to love Mind Tools

Want to inspire a love of learning in your organization? Discover how the Mind Tools toolkit –packed full of great on-demand resources –can help.


How to show compassion at work

Making time for your colleagues has a big impact on their mental health and general well-being. Here’s how to show you care.


4 ways to support female talent

A mix of male and female execs brings different perspectives, experiences and leadership styles to the table. So, how do you address gender diversity?



Upcoming webinars

Using learning content strategy to enable change at AstraZeneca

16 March, 08:00 PST, 11:00 EST, 16:00 GMT
Join AstraZeneca’s Global Capability Lead Rosemary Hoskins as she discusses how the company is transforming its approach to learning.
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Choose to challenge: Perspectives on female leadership

9 March, 07:00 PST, 10:00 EST, 15:00 GMT
For International Women's Day, Emerald Works' Nahdia Khan will be hosting a discussion with Sally Helgesen, expert in women's leadership, and Izzy Obeng, entrepreneur and business coach..
> Check back for registration details

Mind Tools

Avoid screen fatigue and boost your well-being!

 As the world of work becomes increasingly virtual, many of us are at risk of digital overload. Here are our top tips, and 12 FREE resources, to help you to achieve a more balanced approach to the way you work and learn.

Learn more

Latest Podcasts

Should we defund HR?

Laurie Ruettimann - host of the Punk Rock HR podcast - joins the team to discuss the value of HR in an organization.

The Learning & Development Handbook

Author Michelle Parry-Slater joins the team to share insights on L&D and problems with treating face-to-face training as the 'default'.

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