L&D Lowdown - June 2018 Edition

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Written by Emerald Works
Published 21 June 2018
L&D Lowdown - June 2018 Edition

In L&D Lowdown this month

L&D 2.0
Ripping Up The Rule Book Of People Development
Having to deal with a burning platform is often the catalyst for change. For the L&D team at media company Sky, that burning platform was budget constraints. These constraints kick-started a wholesale change in how L&D was delivered. This case study looks at the transformation story.
Media: Article and downloadable PDF. Reading time: 10 minutes

The Problem with "Learning Styles"
The latest research into learning styles shows that most students who say they have a preferred way of learning do not actually use learning strategies related to that preference. Those that do show no academic benefit from doing so. This article from Scientific American makes a good point: that we want to believe we learn in a way that is specific to us rather than in ways that are common to us all. It's a great read.
Media: Article. Reading time: 4 minutes

Come together
WordPress Guru Shares Secrets of Remote Workplace Success
Automattic, the software company behind WordPress websites, has 700 employees dispersed across 62 countries. All employees work remotely. So, how does the company ensure everyone remains connected? The company's CEO explains all, and it's not what you might expect ...
Media: Article - Reading time: 2 minutes

Trends show and tell
Mary Meeker's 2018 internet trends report:
Each year acclaimed analyst Mary Meeker produces a 'state of the Internet' report. It is jam-packed full of useful data and stretches to nearly 300 slides. This report will give you a vast amount of data on how the Internet is used. And slides 232-236 feature data on lifelong learning which is well worth a look.
Media: Article, slide deck and video. Reading time: 2 minutes

Influencing up
How to Increase Your Influence at Work
There are some great tips here from HBR on how to be an 'informal' leader to gain influence. Why is this important? Because not all L&D teams have the influence they need to deliver new learning initiatives. Influence is an important element to get great ideas off the ground.
Media: Article. Reading time: 5 minutes

GP recommends this month

The team are veritable magpies of interesting L&D content. Here's a quick round-up of the videos, podcasts, events and Twitter happenings that caught our attention this month.

Something to watch
Smart failure for a fast-changing world
Change is happening faster than we learn, says business educator Eddie Obeng. In this TED Talk, Obeng says 'smart failure' is the best way to keep pace with change. There's lots to think about here in terms of keeping learning future-focused. 
Watching time: 12 minutes

Who to follow on Twitter

Trish Uhl's @trishuhl area of expertise is data science and people analytics. Follow Trish for great insights on learning analytics and AI.

Quartz at Work @QuartzAtWork is a new online publication covering workplace stories from around the world.

Christian Jarrett @Psych_writer is a psychologist and founding editor of the British Psychological Society's award-winning Research Digest blog. He shares lots of good stuff on neuroscience and psychology.

Events and conferences to check out
The Learning & Development Thought Leaders' Conference 2018, 8 June, Northamptonshire, UK
Learning Technologies Summer Forum, 12 June, London, UK
Charity Learning Consortium Member Meeting, 21 June, London, UK
Realities360, 26-28 June, San Diego, US

Something to listen to

Susan Cain on Office Hours
Author Daniel Pink is joined on his Office Hours radio show by Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. In this episode, Cain talks about introversion and answers questions on the topic from listeners.
Listening time: 1 hour

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