L&D Lowdown - March 2019 Edition

With Spring on the horizon, we take a look at how you can spark change in your organisation by starting afresh.

Published 26 March 2019
L&D Lowdown - March 2019 Edition

Let Spring be the Catalyst for Change!

With Spring on the horizon, we take a look at how you can spark change in your organisation by starting afresh.

If you’re new to the L&D Lowdown, this is where you’ll find the latest L&D-focused research, stories and practical resources from around the world. Each month our expert team curate the content that matters and we bring it to you!

Top 20 myths in education and training

The season of the Spring Clean is upon us, and this list is the perfect place to begin. The author offers some challenging comments, tackling a number of stereotypes held within our industry. One thing is for sure though, concepts that are ingrained within an organisation can be hard to remove, even if they are not working.

Reading time: 1 min (plus links)

Do you know how to create an Actionable Learning Strategy?

Before you dive in to new ways of designing and delivering learning intervention, you are going to need a plan. That plan must be aligned to your business objectives, and this helpful plan will allow you to do just that. Offering tips on how to create a learning strategy that effectively serves your business, this handy guide will ensure you’re popular at the Christmas party.

Reading time: 5 mins

Make L&D strategic to the business and prove its value

Measuring impact continues to be a thorny issue for learning teams.

A part of the problem has been that L&D is seen as an end in itself. In order to have greater impact, the L&D team needs to think bigger and show how they can drive better company results. This piece provides some tips on how you can do that.

Reading time: 3 mins

Learning how to to learn: 37 tips for L&D professionals 

As L&D teams work to support their colleagues around the business, they can often overlook their own development.

As the speed of change in organisations increases, L&D teams will need to ensure their skill set remains relevant. Our friends at Towards Maturity offer their ideas to ensure you stay on top of your game.

Reading time: 3 mins

10 productivity strategies backed by science 

Research from industry analyst Towards Maturity shows the number one concern for L&D teams is being overwhelmed and under-equipped. The learning team faces a number of challenges, with various areas of the business requiring their help throughout the year. So what’s the answer? A good place to start is taking a look at your own productivity. Compare your working day with this productivity strategy and see if you can maximise your output.

Reading time: 2 mins


Who to follow on Twitter

Spring is a real catalyst for change, so this month we share five Twitter profiles that will give you new ideas on a whole range of workplace and learning challenges.

Thinkers50 @thinkers50
The Thinkers50 profile ranks and shares the top thinkers in management and business thinking.

IDEO is a design agency that uses design thinking principles to overcome a wide range of organisational and societal challenges.

Centre for Evidence Based Management @CenterforEBMgt
The centre provides evidence-based insights into management and leadership.

Science For Work @ScienceForWork
Similar to the Centre for Evidence Based Management, Science for Work shares evidence on what works in workforce development.

Office for National Statistics @ONS
The UK’s official channel of the Office for National Statistics shares a wide range of insights and data about consumer, civic and working life.


Something to watch

The surprising habits of original thinkers

In this TED talk, organisational psychologist Adam Grant shares his insights into what makes original thinkers come up with new ideas. At a time when L&D is being asked to transform itself and the organisation, this talk could be a good provocation to help you do things differently.

Watch the talk


Events and conferences to check out

Our pick of upcoming L&D events around the world:

19-20 March – UnleashLondon
26-28 March – Learning SolutionsUS
25 April – Diversity and Inclusion Conference 2019London
12-13 June – Festival of WorkLondon

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