L&D Research

Five of the best workplace learning theories

If you’ve ever been to an L&D conference, you’ll know that workplace learning theories have a bad reputation.

March 2021 | Ross Garner

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What is Learning and Development?

Lifting the lid on learning and development.

March 2021 | Alastair Roy

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L&D Strategy Counts for Little if You Can’t Show Leaders Its Value

Just as the public sector really began to address the realities and implications of Brexit, COVID introduced a whole new level of seismic change.

March 2021 | Emerald Works

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Leaving the Classroom Behind: L&D in the Post-COVID Public Sector

No organisation escaped the pandemic unscathed. But throughout the crisis, the public sector has been trailing significantly behind both top industry performers and the private sector.

February 2021 | Emerald Works

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Live online learning in lockdown and beyond

It’s part of organizational life to change, adapt and be agile. Working in new ways and making sure learning transfer is as efficient and quick as possible has always been important.

August 2020 | Jo Cook

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