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Live online learning in lockdown and beyond

It’s part of organizational life to change, adapt and be agile. Working in new ways and making sure learning transfer is as efficient and quick as possible has always been important.

August 2020 | Jo Cook

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Stepping up: The manager’s role in optimizing virtual team learning

It’s a commonly held view that managers are the key to helping their teams learn and develop.

August 2020 | Martin Couzins

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The dark side of emotional intelligence

Is there such a thing as too much EQ?

March 2020 | Ross Dickie

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Time for change

Read our new Learning Health Check research report.

February 2020 | Alastair Roy

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The top 6 learning methods to try this month

To celebrate National Learning and Development Month, we've selected 6 powerful learning methods for you to try!

October 2019 | Natalie Benfell

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