Time for change

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Written by Alastair Roy
Published 05 February 2020
Time for change

Why do learning investments keep rising, but impact keeps falling? Why is it smarter to invest in culture over digital? And how do top-performing companies make the most from their learning and development?

That’s what we explore in our new research paper Back to the Future: Why tomorrow’s workforce needs a learning culture. In this free report, Chief Insight Officer Jane Daly and our own senior researcher Gent Ahmetaj, look at:

  • The last decade – Investment in tech rose by 3% in 2020. But only 15% of learning leaders grew their business through innovation. (That’s 3% lower than in 2019). We explore why.

  • TodayIn 2020, we find that 71% of high-impact learning cultures (HILCs) involve learners at the design stage. (Compare that to an overall average of 21%.) We show how they do it.

  • The next decade – Learning leaders at HILCs are 10 times more likely to see sustainable growth, transformation, productivity and profitability. We show what they do differently.

Where can you get the report?

Join the exclusive launch event of our research report at Learning Technologies 2020. You can get your hands on a limited, print edition of the report, take part in lively discussion and enjoy some fizz. You’ll find us on Wednesday 12th February at 5pm in the Platinum Suite, Track 2.  

But we’re nearly booked out, so secure your spot now - click here.

You can also swing by stand G20 on the Thursday to pick up a copy. Or if you can’t make Learning Technologies, download the report for free from 13 February on our Reports page.

Stats you can trust

This research draws on insights from our Learning Health Check. Formerly of Towards Maturity, it remains the only free, independent and confidential benchmarking tool for L&D professionals.

Our new report pulls data from 1,123 organisations and 9,000 employees from 83 countries across 22 sectors. To bring you insights, we track the health and impact of organisational learning. That means measuring businesses’ L&D strategies, their digital innovation and behavioural change.

How healthy is your organisation?

Want to see how you stack up against HILCs? You can take the Learning Health Check today. After just 40 minutes, you’ll get personalised results that show where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there faster!

Take the FREE Learning Health Check!

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