Podcast 147 - How can tech in L&D drive efficiencies at work?

Lean methodology has been widely applied in manufacturing, business and software development. But what role can it play in L&D?

Written by Ross Dickie
Published 27 May 2019
Podcast 147 - How can tech in L&D drive efficiencies at work?
This week on the podcast, Ross Dickie and Ross Garner are joined by return guest Ajay Pangarkar to discuss his work on 'Lean Learning', and what L&D can do to deliver business impact.

In this episode you'll find out about:

  • What 'Lean Learning' means
  • Why it's not just about doing more with less
  • How L&D can make a business case for itself.

Show notes

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About the author

Ross Dickie

Ross Dickie

Learning Experience Designer
Ross has been working in L&D since 2015 and is a key member of the instructional design team at Emerald Works. Most of his time is dedicated to writing articles, scoping infographics and contributing to video projects.

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