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Join hosts Ross Garner, Nicola Boyle and Ross Dickie as they chat with podcast regulars Owen Ferguson and James McLuckie. Together, they discuss and dissect our industry’s hot topics.

Each week, we talk to special guests and tackle big questions. How do people learn? Why should we care about behavior change? What’s growing in Owen’s garden just now?

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Podcast 89 - Introducing learning design

For nearly two years, we've been discussing work, performance and learning on this podcast. But we've never yet tackled 'learning design'. This week on the Podcast, Ross G and James are joined by ELTjam's Nick Robinson to do just that.

April 2018 | Ross Garner

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Podcast 88 - Machine learning is here!

Machine learning is something you probably hear a lot about these days. But what is it? And more to the point, what can it do, and what questions should L&D be asking suppliers?

March 2018 | GoodPractice

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Podcast 87 - Building a learning culture

What is a learning culture? Why should we want one? And most importantly, how do we build one?

March 2018 | GoodPractice

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Podcast 86 - Learning technologies in the workplace

Learning technologies are a familiar part of modern life. But how effectively are these technologies actually being used to support learning in organisations?

March 2018 | Ross Dickie

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Podcast 85 - In defence of microlearning

This week's podcast covers the thorny topic of microlearning. We struggle to even define microlearning, so does the term have any real value? Is it "chunking"? "Performance support"? Can we agree on a definition that makes it useful? If so, what is it, and how can we help clients understand it?

March 2018 | Ross Garner

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