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Join hosts Ross Garner, Nicola Boyle and Ross Dickie as they chat with podcast regulars Owen Ferguson and James McLuckie. Together, they discuss and dissect our industry’s hot topics.

Each week, we talk to special guests and tackle big questions. How do people learn? Why should we care about behavior change? What’s growing in Owen’s garden just now?

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Podcast 65 - Australia's learning technology landscape

On this week's podcast, Ross D is joined by Stef Scott and Giorgio Migliaccio to discuss our latest piece of research: Australia's Learning Technology Landscape.

October 2017 | Ross Dickie

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Podcast 64 - What is Brain Friendly Learning?

Can we use neuroscience to improve learning solutions? And how much neuroscience do we need to understand, in order to usefully apply its lessons?

September 2017 | GoodPractice

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Podcast 63 - Is curation the new king of L&D?

Do we really need to produce new content in L&D, or should we just teach people how to learn for themselves?

September 2017 | GoodPractice

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Podcast 62 - L&D at the coalface

What are the challenges facing L&D today, and how will these challenges evolve in the years ahead?

September 2017 | Ross Dickie

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Podcast 61 - How can L&D use games in elearning?

Are games in elearning a powerful tool for engaging learners or a gimmick that turns them off? Maybe they're a bit of both?

September 2017 | Ross Garner

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