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Join hosts Ross Garner, Nicola Boyle and Ross Dickie as they chat with podcast regulars Owen Ferguson and James McLuckie. Together, they discuss and dissect our industry’s hot topics.

Each week, we talk to special guests and tackle big questions. How do people learn? Why should we care about behavior change? What’s growing in Owen’s garden just now?

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Podcast: How can L&D leaders get the best from providers?

Learning and development leaders want to improve performance, while providers are willing to take their cash. So why isn't everybody happy?

April 2017 | Ross Garner

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Podcast: What does work-life integration mean for L&D?

This week on the podcast, Ross Dickie is joined by Owen Ferguson and Justin Anderson to consider exactly what the trend towards ‘work-life’ integration means for L&D.

April 2017 | Ross Dickie

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Podcast: Should performance support be like online shopping?

Nowadays, self-service is the norm when it comes to shopping for groceries, renting a movie, or even opening a new bank account. The likes of Amazon and Netflix have led us to expect that products and services should be available whenever and wherever we want. But is this trend reflected in learning and development?

March 2017 | Ross Dickie

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Podcast: What impact has psychology had on L&D?

Most of us working in L&D will have come across pop psychology in one form or another, but what are the actual psychological insights that can guide our practice? On this week's episode of the GoodPractice Podcast, Sukh Pabial joins Owen and Ross to share his thoughts on psychology and behavioural economics.

March 2017 | Ross Garner

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Podcast: How will you respond to the HR crisis?

As automation takes over many of our routine tasks, how should HR and L&D professionals respond? Do they have the skills to focus on improving 'organisational effectiveness' or will they be left behind as business leaders increasingly seek answers elsewhere?

March 2017 | Ross Garner

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