14 reasons to love Mind Tools

Want to show your people you care? Or inspire a love of learning in your organization?

Written by Alastair Roy
Published 16 February 2021
14 reasons to love Mind Tools
The Mind Tools toolkit can help. Our online resources are:

1. Relevant

From change management to creativity, wide-ranging content helps people build the skills to work smarter better. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll add it to the list.

2. Multimedia

Want to listen to a book insight on your commute? Prefer reading an article at your desk? Or watching a video on the job? We’ve got you covered with animations, quizzes, how-to guides and more.

3. Easy to digest

Don’t have all day to spend on learning? We hear you. We specialize in rich resources for the time-poor. So, you’ll find easy-to-understand, clear, concise and jargon-free content. Want to dig further? You can, with interactive Skillbooks, self-assessments and more.

4. Fresh

You’ll see new resources every week. And we continually audit and update our content to ensure it’s timely, relevant and useful for learners.

5. Bespoke

Your toolkit doesn’t have to be called ‘toolkit’. Name it what you want, add your logo and branding, and design it with your colors so users feel at home.

6. Practical

Our shiny infographics and animations don’t just look good; they’re practical, too. Everything is ‘hands-on’ so you can put what you learn into practice.

7. High quality

Our in-house writers and editors research and produce content from credible sources. Subject matter experts don’t get a free pass, and every resource goes through our quality control process to ensure it’s accurate and error-free.

8. Easy to access

Our content is formatted so it’s easy to read, interact with, listen to, or watch. It’s accessible to all, with video transcripts, captions and fonts that meet WCAG standards. 

9. On-demand and always on

You can access resources any time, from any device. And with Single Sign On access, go straight – and safely – to the content you want without having to sign in.

10. Flexible

Resources aren’t set in stone. You can create Playlists with a mix of our content, your own, and relevant stuff from the web. 

11. Shareable

You can Like, Comment and Share content – including on Teams – from anywhere on the toolkit. And bookmark and download resources at any point to enjoy later.

12. Multi-lingual

Got a global audience? No problem! You can auto-translate articles with a click into over 100 languages.

13. Insightful

Our analytics shows you team stats, login frequency, total time spent learning, and more. So, you’ll see what your learners really need from you.

14. Just one part of the service

With Mind Tools, you don’t get a subscription, you get a partner. Our Client Experience Team will guide you from set-up to support. They’ll cover any tech issues, brainstorm marketing ideas to reach your learners, and offer tips to meet your goals.


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Alastair Roy

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Alastair brings 15 years' experience writing, editing and prodding at content. During that time, he’s picked up copywriting, content marketing and video editing skills. Along with two shirts and about a stone in weight. At Emerald Works, he enjoys creating resources that help people better themselves.

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