Mind Tools for Business: with you every step of the way

Discover how to get the most out of Mind Tools for Business with top tips from Client Partner, Lara Kidd.

Written by Emerald Works
Published 19 February 2021
Mind Tools for Business: with you every step of the way

You’ve explored the content in Mind Tools for Business. You’re confident that it meets the needs of your learners and your organization as a whole. But one question remains: what happens after you’ve signed on the dotted line? What help is available on the journey ahead – from implementation, all the way to ensuring maximum engagement?  

We’ve worked with hundreds of different organizations to help make the very best of their Mind Tools for Business toolkit. Every organization is different, so we’ll help you find an approach that fits. 

Lara Kidd, our Client Partner, talks you through our launch process and how our team is there to help you get set for success with Mind Tools for Business.  

Integrate Your Branding 

“One of the most powerful things about the Mind Tools for Business toolkit is that it allows you to integrate your own branding. This means the look and feel remains unique and familiar to your organization, and ultimately becomes an extension of your company’s internal learning and development strategy. You can give your toolkit a memorable name, which will help direct your learners to engage with it and can align to any L&D platforms you may already have. Best of all, you can integrate your existing learning material, meaning that you’re not limited to the content we provide, and you don’t need to re-write anything!"

Maximize Learner Access 

“Our Client Partner team is here to ensure your experience with Mind Tools runs smoothly. We know that you want your users to have seamless access to the toolkit – and it’s on us to make that straightforward. The toolkit is available across all networked tablet or mobile devices so that learners can access it in the way that best suits them. What’s more, we provide Single Sign-On (SSO) access, which allows learners to utilize one set of login credentials to access multiple entry points.”

Get Set for Launch 

“Looking for some fun ideas around promoting the launch to your learners? Get in touch! We can help you craft a welcome email so that learners know where they can access the toolkit – not to mention, understand why the resources are valuable to them. Other ways we’ve supported clients at launch have included special events, social media kits, new staff inductions and motivating team talks. You could tie it in with company initiatives or campaigns, or launch at the same time as your performance review cycle, signposting relevant resources for managers and employees. Shout out with any special requests around promoting the toolkit in your organization: we will look to make it happen for you. On the other hand, if you’re keen to keep it simple, our handy Toolkit Launch Checklist will do the trick.”

Keep Building Engagement 

“We won’t leave you in the lurch post-launch – our team is on hand to support you in driving maximum engagement with your toolkit. We can help you put together the right messaging to encourage user feedback, and will work with you to create a month to month engagement plan so we can align everything that is happening on the toolkit to what is happening internally. We’ll also check in with you with monthly meetings to review your usage data, understand what content your learners are accessing, and set up the right support to see engagement continue on an upward trajectory! We are there for you every step of the way!”

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