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Top 5 resources leaders & managers want to see in the blended learning mix

You learn a lot when you're running the online learning resource toolkit that powers the learning mix for over one million leaders and managers across some of Europe's most successful companies. This summer, we've analysed search traffic across our entire user base to produce the industry's first ever Learning Demand Hotlist for senior executives.

May 2016 | Emerald Works

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Five ways to support female talent

A post in support of International Women's Day

March 2016 | Emerald Works

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Working with the enemy

Just as it's impossible to be liked by everybody, so, inevitably, you will find yourself having to work with someone you just don't like.

October 2015 | Catriona MacLeod

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Write right - learn to write like a pro

As a professional writer and editor, the idea that anybody can write about something if they know the subject matter is something of a bugbear. By the same logic, anyone who knows what a dog looks like can draw one!

October 2015 | Emerald Works

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The future of L&D - 5 things you need to know

The latest UK Learning Trends survey shows that confidence in L&D's ability to meet business needs and support corporate objectives remains positive. 65% of Learning Managers predict their function will have an improved impact on corporate performance in the coming six months.

September 2015 | Peter Casebow

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