Tips and Expertise

Challenge for the next decade: Two cultures in Learning and Development

Over the last few years, I've become acutely aware of the growing development of two cultures in learning and development.

September 2015 | Owen Ferguson

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Mind the Gap

They're one of the business world's best kept secrets. Yet L&D people are both passionate and subtle.

July 2015 | Charlie Swift

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Principles of Instructional Design

Instructional design (ID) is based on three psychological principles of learning: behavioral, cognitive and constructivist.

June 2015 | Mind Tools

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The value of psychometrics in L&D

Leaders who are concerned about how to leverage talent to achieve their organization's goals are likely - at some time or another - to turn to psychometrics for help, inspiration and illumination.

January 2015

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Conquering Curation in Corporate L&D

Since curation is such a hot topic, not just in the academic world, what is it?

August 2014

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