Tips and Expertise

Inspiring Your People to Live the Company Brand

"A brand for a company," said Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, "is like a reputation for a person." We all know that a person's reputation is important.

September 2018 | Bruna Martinuzzi

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Top tips for building habits

As learning professionals, we want to design interventions that lead to lasting change. Shifting behaviour involves a process that continues long after the programme finishes.

September 2018

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10 reasons motivation matters - and what to do about it

The difference between inaction and action is motivation. Without motivation, nothing would ever get done - and that links motivation with performance.

September 2018 | Mind Tools

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3 Ways to Focus Extroverts' Energy in a Productive Workplace

Do you have any highly extroverted people in your workplace?

August 2018 | Bruna Martinuzzi

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Using nudges to motivate your learners

In my role I talk to clients from around the world, and these conversations always return to the same issues: how do we increase learner engagement in our organization, and how do we make our learning more "sticky?"

August 2018 | Oliver Craddock

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