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Manager user manuals: Unite teams and managers to improve your organization

Meeting a new manager is never easy. In this blog, Faye Bradshaw outlines how a "Manager User Manual" can make this challenging transition a success.

January 2020 | Faye Bradshaw

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How to manage your employees’ return from extended leave

Returning to work from extended leave can be hard for employee and employer. But tailored transition plans can make all the difference to reintegration.

January 2020 | Kevin Dunne

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Progression, not promotion

Progression and promotion are not the same. Emerald Works Senior Sales Executive, Patrick Burns, points the finger at social media for the rush in the wrong direction.

January 2020 | Patrick Burns

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10 things managers should never say - and what to say instead

Do you think before you speak? See our roundup of the top ten things managers should never say to their team members. And get tips for what you should've said.

October 2019 | Faye Bradshaw

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Recommended reading - 10 books to boost your L&D this Fall

From Learning and Development to psychological insights that can help you navigate the modern work environment, our 10 best books have earned their place at the top table.

September 2019 | Kevin Dunne

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