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Green is good: Inspiring ways to recycle

In time for Earth Day on the 22nd April, we’re looking at ways to reuse, re-purpose and reinvent. Here are the organizations leading the green wave.

April 2020 | Alastair Roy

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Mindfulness in the Workplace

On this World Health Day 2020, focus the mind by staying present.

April 2020 | Emerald Works

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Podcast 189 — Grit and Mindset: Emotion at Work Crossover Special

Carol Dweck's Mindset (2006) and Angela Duckworth's Grit (2016) are two of the most influential social science texts of this century, but difficulty implementing their ideas and a failure to replicate their findings has left them open to criticism.

April 2020 | Ross Garner

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Connect and collaborate

Collaborative tools, social media and new ways of working are transforming how and where people and organizations interact, share and learn.

April 2020 | Catriona MacLeod

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Emerald Works COVID-19 Support Pack viewed 90,000 times

The free suite of articles and videos provided by Emerald Works helps people cope with the switch to working from home.

April 2020 | Emerald Works

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