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Gibbs' Reflective Cycle: Your 10-minute guide to helping your people learn from experience

This free and downloadable 10-minute guide looks at a simple process that managers can use to help their team members learn from their experiences at work.

August 2019 | Suzanne White

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Distracted learners: How to gain and keep trainees' attention

According to a Harvard University study, the average person is distracted 47 percent of the time.

August 2019 | Bruna Martinuzzi

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Podcast 157 - Why should we care about behaviour change?

Many learning interventions start out from the position that people would perform much better in their roles if they just did what we told them. But what if this approach is misguided?

August 2019 | Ross Garner

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Podcast 156 - What is the role of emotion at work?

The range of emotions we are allowed to show in the workplace is fairly limited. We can be happy, we can be passionate, we can be enthusiastic. But anything beyond that is often seen as unprofessional or inappropriate. Is it time we rethink the role of emotion at work?

July 2019 | Ross Dickie

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Podcast 155 - Is HR unethical?

As a function, HR has a role to play in developing talent and protecting employees. But it’s also responsible for disciplining and dismissing staff, as well as implementing and enforcing top-down policies. Does this put it in an ethically precarious position?

July 2019 | Ross Dickie

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