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Recognizing and rewarding your people: Should you focus on teams or individuals?

Most managers instinctively understand the importance of recognizing and rewarding their people.

April 2019 | Bruna Martinuzzi

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L&D Lowdown - April 2019 Edition

With Spring on the horizon, we take a look at how you can spark change in your organisation by starting afresh.

April 2019 | Nicola Boyle

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Podcast 142 - Is L&D in competition with HR?

Recruitment, talent development, employee engagement and performance management are just a few of the areas where L&D and HR overlap.

April 2019 | Ross Dickie

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Top tips for learner engagement - Part 2

In our previous blog, our Client Success Managers offered some brilliant advice for increasing learner engagement. Now, Jeffrey, Carrie and Charlotte give us their top tips for implementing your learning strategy, and getting your employees excited about it!

April 2019 | Natalie Benfell

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Podcast 141- How do we go beyond the course?

What is innovation? Can anyone be creative? We ask why the concept of 'innovation' is so attractive and debate the notion that we should bring our creative pursuits into the workplace.

April 2019 | Ross Garner

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