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Confident or arrogant? How to tell the difference and why it matters

A few years ago, I interviewed a young woman for a position in our company. During the interview, I started to explain the opportunities for advancement. Before I had finished, she interrupted me to say, "The only job I want is yours!"

March 2019 | Bruna Martinuzzi

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Podcast 136 -Does the language of L&D matter?

In Learning & Development, we love a good buzzword: 'blended learning', 'micro learning', 'learning management systems'... anything with 'learning', really. Is this a problem? Or just a time-wasting argument?

March 2019 | Ross Garner

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Inspiring towards #BalanceforBetter

To celebrate International Women's Day, we asked our GoodPractice colleagues about the women who inspire them to be better, who encourage them to be all they can be and who lead the journey towards a new normal‚ a #BalanceForBetter.

March 2019

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Women in work and learning

A spotlight on insights gathered surrounding female learners in the workplace.

March 2019

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Our L&D practitioner survey results: What are the biggest L&D challenges?

In October 2018 we surveyed over 400 learning and development (L&D). practitioners. We wanted to find out what organizations think about L&D, what their top challenges are, and what role technology plays in creating learning strategies. In this blog we explore some of the surprising results revealed by our survey.

March 2019 | Matthew Hughes

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