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Podcast 133 - How can experience design tap into our emotions?

Think of an experience that triggered such an emotional reaction that your behaviour was permanently changed.

February 2019 | Ross Garner

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Podcast 132 - How can I use storytelling to engage learners?

It's widely accepted that storytelling can be a powerful tool for L&D professionals.

February 2019 | Ross Dickie

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Recommended listening: 10 expert interview podcasts to inspire and inform!

Did you know? Mind Tools has a huge selection of thought-provoking expert interviews with authors and leaders whose work shapes the modern business environment, and the wider world, too.

February 2019 | Simon Bell

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The Good Practice guide to Learning Technologies 2019

Every year there's a huge range of sessions, speakers and exhibitors at the Learning Technologies conference and 2019 is no different. To make life easier for you and help you get the most out of the event, we're sharing a few thoughts and insights.

February 2019

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Podcast 131 - What makes a great onboarding experience?

A great onboarding experience involves plenty of forms, a few handshakes, and a small chance of a working laptop - or so it might seem.

February 2019 | Ross Garner

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