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Podcast 107 -To coach, or not to coach?

Managers in many organisations are increasingly encouraged to adopt a 'coaching' approach to team development. But what does this mean? Can you 'be a coach' after just a two-day workshop? And how do you navigate the power dynamic that exists between manager and team member?

August 2018 | Ross Garner

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How to manage employee expectations

What your top talent really wants from you, and why it's best to give it to them.

August 2018 | Faye Bradshaw

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Podcast 106 - Evidence-based L&D

Everyone and their uncle is a learner, but does this mean that everyone knows about learning? Our guest this week, Mirjam Neelen, thinks not.

July 2018 | Ross Garner

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Coping with change

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."  - George Bernard Shaw

July 2018 | Mind Tools

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Podcast 105 - Implementing learning technologies

After nearly 20 years of implementing learning technologies, we've successfully found more and more elaborate ways to dump content that no one needs. Is there a better way?

July 2018 | Ross Garner

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