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The top 10 management skills that you need to know!

There are so many different skills to learn to manage people well, that it's no wonder it can be so hard to be a great boss.

July 2018 | James Manktelow

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L&D Lowdown - July 2018 Edition

Every month our expert editorial team curate the content that matters from across the world of L&D. Stay informed and up-to-date with our pick of the best L&D news, research and practical resources.

July 2018 | Emerald Works

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Podcast 104 - Cognitive psychology in L&D

Learning styles, right-brain vs. left-brain, brain training - for those working in learning and development, cognitive psychology can seem like a minefield.

July 2018 | Ross Dickie

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Sometimes we need to stop and take a step back in order to go forward

Although we would all like progress to be linear, constant and straightforward, it rarely is. Sometimes – often even – we need to stop and take a step back in order to go forward. Robert Wagner, Director at the CIPD Qualifications & Apprenticeship provider DPG plc tells us more.

July 2018

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Employee engagement with Emma Bridger

Emma Bridger explains what employee engagement means in today’s world, how to design an engagement plan and how to measure its success.

July 2018 | Rachel Salaman

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