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Beyond the Pageview: Driving User Engagement

We lift the lid on our approach to user engagement.

August 2016 | Emerald Works

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Storytelling for Success

Conventional wisdom, as well as personal preference, tells us that storytelling "humanizes" theory. It can also be valuable in communicating strategic issues, such as what an organization needs to do to increase its competitive advantage.

August 2016

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Project Management in L&aD Part 2

Project management's wisdom and processes can benefit learning and development. In last week's post, I examined the requirements, resources and risks associated with L&D programs. This post focuses on delivering the project (learning program).

July 2016

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Project Management in L&D

L&D is, fundamentally, about change.

July 2016

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The GoodPractice Podcast Episode 8: Engaging learners and breaking the ice

This week on the GoodPractice podcast, Justin Anderson is joined by James McLuckie and Andrew McGlyn to discuss ways of driving engagement with L&D resources. They also offer some useful tips on how to break the ice when networking.

July 2016 | Ross Dickie

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