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Transformation journeys in L&D

L&D specialists frequently scratch their heads in puzzlement over the apparent inability of organizations to reap the benefits of new learning technologies.

March 2018

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How to get started on Twitter

If you work in HR or L&D, Twitter is a fantastic tool for development and building your personal learning network. We share our tips on how to get started to help you tweet like a pro.

March 2018 | Emerald Works

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Podcast 87 - Building a learning culture

What is a learning culture? Why should we want one? And most importantly, how do we build one?

March 2018 | GoodPractice

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Podcast 86 - Learning technologies in the workplace

Learning technologies are a familiar part of modern life. But how effectively are these technologies actually being used to support learning in organisations?

March 2018 | Ross Dickie

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Podcast 85 - In defence of microlearning

This week's podcast covers the thorny topic of microlearning. We struggle to even define microlearning, so does the term have any real value? Is it "chunking"? "Performance support"? Can we agree on a definition that makes it useful? If so, what is it, and how can we help clients understand it?

March 2018 | Ross Garner

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