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Podcast 84 - Managing complexity with design thinking

This week on the Podcast, we're continuing our discussion around 'design thinking' with a focus on complexity. How can we make the complicated simple? Should this always be our objective? And can we prepare people for chaos?

February 2018 | Ross Garner

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Podcast 83 - You shouldn't go near machine learning

Machine learning means that computers can teach themselves without the help of a human programmer, offering tremendous opportunities for justice, medicine and - more everyday - Netflix recommendations. In Learning and Development, it's often cited as the hot new tech. But is our industry ready to embrace such technology? Do we need it? And are we truly making the most of the existing technology we already have?

February 2018 | GoodPractice

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Podcast 82 - Modern learners, not modern technologies

Last week on the podcast we gave our thoughts on the Learning Technologies conference. Today, we ask whether we should resist the urge to jump on the latest tech and focus on learners instead.

February 2018 | Ross Garner

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Improve content design with the 3 ‘P’s – purpose, principles and personas

Ex BBC, and independent consultant, Myles Runham, and Senior Learning Analyst, Nahdia Khan, hosted a thought-provoking exchange discussion with a diverse group of learning professionals attending Learning Technologies 2018. The topic of discussion centred on understanding your users and ensuring the content you are designing meets their needs.

February 2018

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How to get started with collaborative technologies

No man or woman is an island. Or at least they shouldn’t be. But throw some technology into the mix and people can find it hard to work and learn together. Now, one of the biggest shifts in learning technology is in the development of increasingly collaborative platforms. So how do we best harness these solutions and create a culture of knowledge sharing?

February 2018 | Emerald Works

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