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Podcast 74 - The Social Organisation: Putting relationships at the heart of your strategy

We often talk about workplace culture on the Podcast but, this week, that word is banned as author Jon Ingham joins us to discuss his new book: The Social Organization.

December 2017 | Ross Garner

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Five myths about learning technologies - debunked!

Our latest research shatters some of L&D's perceptions about learning tech.

November 2017 | Emerald Works

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Podcast 73 - Collaboration at Work

There's little argument that collaboration at work improves results. But how do you create a collaborative atmosphere, what are the barriers, and what are the essential ingredients to make it work?

November 2017 | GoodPractice

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The four enablers of employee engagement

Employee engagement is falling, wherever you are in the world.

November 2017 | Emerald Works

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Podcast 72 - Live from London: What do managers really think?

Everyone hates e-learning, mobile learning is the future, and no workplace learning technology can possibly compete with YouTube, right?

November 2017 | Ross Garner

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