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How we create infographics

Find out how the team here at Emerald Works develop and create engaging infographics for your business, simplifying processes at the heart of your work.

October 2015 | Emerald Works

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Write right - learn to write like a pro

As a professional writer and editor, the idea that anybody can write about something if they know the subject matter is something of a bugbear. By the same logic, anyone who knows what a dog looks like can draw one!

October 2015 | Emerald Works

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Learning in Communities of Practice

According to social learning theorist Etienne Wenger-Trayner, we all belong to communities of practice (CoPs), whether at home, at work, at school, or in our hobbies, and we will likely be members of different CoPs over the course of our lives.

October 2015

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The future of L&D - 5 things you need to know

The latest UK Learning Trends survey shows that confidence in L&D's ability to meet business needs and support corporate objectives remains positive. 65% of Learning Managers predict their function will have an improved impact on corporate performance in the coming six months.

September 2015 | Peter Casebow

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Learning styles: it's a bit more complicated than that

Ah, learning styles. You do have a way of getting under people's skins.

September 2015 | Owen Ferguson

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