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The GoodPractice Podcast Episode 8: Engaging learners and breaking the ice

This week on the GoodPractice podcast, Justin Anderson is joined by James McLuckie and Andrew McGlyn to discuss ways of driving engagement with L&D resources. They also offer some useful tips on how to break the ice when networking.

July 2016 | Ross Dickie

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A simple model for online engagement

This is the first of three posts examining online engagement for learning and performance support resources, based on the presentation I gave at Learning Technologies.

July 2016 | Owen Ferguson

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The GoodPractice Podcast Episode 7: What can L&D learn from marketing?

This week, Marketing Manager Paul Gray and Online Instructional Designer Ross Garner speak to Ross Dickie about the lessons L&D can learn from the world of marketing.

July 2016 | Ross Dickie

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The GoodPractice Podcast Episode 4: Inside the Heads of UK Managers

Based on data gathered from 500 UK managers, this fascinating report reveals what managers find most difficult and most challenging. Owen Ferguson, Ross Garner and Justin Anderson discuss the research and its potential impact in our latest Podcast.

June 2016 | Ross Dickie

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Podcast 3 - Should we forget about MOOCS? Or are they just maturing?

Welcome to the third GoodPractice Podcast. This week Owen Ferguson and Ross Garner discuss the future of MOOCS with Craig Taylor of HT2

June 2016 | GoodPractice

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