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Introduction to instructional design

Among the L&D professional's basic skills is an ability to design learning materials, but doing so for remote delivery to a diverse audience, online, can be tricky.

June 2015 | Emerald Works

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Agents of change and merging cultures

Are change agents really the superheroes of organizational change, and how do they approach the enormous challenge of mergers and acquisitions?

May 2015 | Mind Tools

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Turning learning into action, with Emma Weber

What's the point of running training programs? That may seem like a dumb question but, often, the purpose of corporate training - boosting productivity by developing people's skills - gets lost somewhere along the way.

February 2015 | Rachel Salaman

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The value of psychometrics in L&D

Leaders who are concerned about how to leverage talent to achieve their organization's goals are likely - at some time or another - to turn to psychometrics for help, inspiration and illumination.

January 2015 | Emerald Works

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Mindfulness and mirror neurons in learning

Former Beatle George Harrison once said, "It's all in the mind," while many people have been quoted as saying, "It's all based on fear."

December 2014 | Mind Tools

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