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Uncovering the learning habits of leaders and managers

Find out more about our latest research into the learning habits of managers.

September 2015 | Owen Ferguson

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The future of L&D - 5 things you need to know

The latest UK Learning Trends survey shows that confidence in L&D's ability to meet business needs and support corporate objectives remains positive. 65% of Learning Managers predict their function will have an improved impact on corporate performance in the coming six months.

September 2015 | Peter Casebow

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Learning cycles and the Maturity Model

Change happens all the time. The challenge comes in embedding that change in your organization.

September 2015 | Emerald Works

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Being a learning organization, past and present

In 1990, Nelson Mandela left gaol, the Berlin Wall came down - and Tim Berners-Lee created the first web server. This remarkable year also saw the publication of Peter Senge's classic book, "The Fifth Discipline“ the "Art and Practice of the Learning Organization."

September 2015 | Mind Tools

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Evaluation - The practicalities

Despite all the caveats of the previous two blogs, there comes a time when you have to evaluate your learning materials. Sound evaluation techniques help us to understand the value of our investments in L&D and, by transforming how L&D teams think, plan and deliver, they narrow the gap between "training" and core business.

August 2015 | Mind Tools

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