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Improving virtual collaboration in your organization

Collaboration in the workplace isn't new. Since ancient times, successful organizations have encouraged their people to learn from one another to achieve shared goals.

March 2014 | Mind Tools

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You can train for change in changing times

Change is rarely a one-off event. It's going on all of the time - and we all need to deal with it effectively.

March 2014 | Suzanne White

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Meeting the training challenges of remote working

The term "remote worker" used to conjure up images of faceless colleagues in distant places, perhaps working in customer service or back office jobs.

February 2014 | Suzanne White

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The manager's training wishlist

Management is all about dealing with reality. It also often focuses on balancing the needs of others - teams, stakeholders, and senior colleagues, for example.

February 2014 | Suzanne White

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Learning needs analysis: Some useful techniques

Learning needs analysis tends to be seen as a bit of a dark art but there are some activities that you can nearly always undertake in order to get useful information to inform your L&D strategy.

January 2012 | Owen Ferguson

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