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L&D Lowdown - July 2020

Welcome to your round-up of L&D news, hacks and hints.

July 2020 | Emerald Works

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Webinar series round up: What makes a high-impact learning culture?

Carlyn Angus brings us the highlights and discusses the regional differences from our latest webinar series.

July 2020 | Carlyn Angus

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Product Roadmap Workshop: Talking Teams with our clients

At a recent workshop with our clients, we discussed integrating Microsoft Teams with our Mind Tools toolkit. Here are the highlights from the session.

July 2020 | Carlyn Angus

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Embracing change

In an environment where technological disruption, political upheaval and economic uncertainty have become the norm, change happens rapidly and unpredictably. Often, it happens in ways we can’t control.

July 2020 | Ross Dickie

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How to manage the new normal

<p>We find ourselves in strange times. The known has become the unknown, the certain, uncertain. And many of us have to flex and adapt daily.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>If you&rsquo;re a manager, your people are looking to you for answers and guidance.</strong> That&rsquo;s why we&rsquo;ve put together key resources to help you and your team manage the &ldquo;new normal&rdquo;.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> They offer advice on how to manage your and your people&rsquo;s emotions, maintain team trust levels, and make sound decisions in these turbulent times.</p>

July 2020

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