Podcast 100 - 100th Episode Special: Podcasters in Pubs Getting Pints

For two years we've been chatting work, performance and learning in the cramped confines of our office - but no longer.

Written by Ross Dickie
Published 19 June 2018
Podcast 100 - 100th Episode Special: Podcasters in Pubs Getting Pints
For our 100th episode, Ross Garner, Owen and James sloped off to the Raeburn Hotel in Edinburgh to reflect on favourite episodes, greatest guests and, of course, what we learned this week.

The episodes mentioned were:

17- Jobs: What is the future of work?, with David D'Souza at:http://podcast.goodpractice.com/ai-and-jobs-what-is-the-future-of-work

30 -Compliance training: Ticking a box or having an impact?, with Sukh Pabial at: http://podcast.goodpractice.com/compliance-training-ticking-a-box-or-having-an-impact

32 - How should L&D respond to millennials?, with Ross' brother Grant Garner at: http://podcast.goodpractice.com/how-should-ld-respond-to-millennials

49 -Evidence-based practice for HR and L&D, with Mark Hendy at: http://podcast.goodpractice.com/evidence-based-practice-for-hr-and-ld

59 - How can L&D support performance?, with JD Dillon at: http://podcast.goodpractice.com/59-how-can-ld-support-performance

66 - Discernment in L&D, with Simon Heath at: http://podcast.goodpractice.com/66-discernment-in-ld

80 - How do we make digital learning accessible?, with Michael Osborne and Mike Shaw at: http://podcast.goodpractice.com/80-how-do-we-make-digital-learning-accessible

87 - Building a learning culture, with Michelle Ockers at: http://podcast.goodpractice.com/87-building-a-learning-culture

89 - Introducing learning design, with Nick Robinson at: http://podcast.goodpractice.com/89-introducing-learning-design

92 - Best of breed ecosystems vs the LMS, with Adam Harwood at http://podcast.goodpractice.com/92-best-of-breed-ecosystems-vs-the-lms

94 - Challenge trends in L&D, with Anthony Williams at http://podcast.goodpractice.com/94-challenging-trends-in-ld 

The paper Owen referenced for 'What I Learned This Week' was: Cullen, D., & Gotell, L. (2002). From orgasms to organizations: Maslow, women' sexuality and the gendered foundations of the needs hierarchy. Gender, Work & Organization9(5), 537-555. Available at: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/227501292_From_Orgasms_to_Organizations_Maslow_Women's_Sexuality_and_the_Gendered_Foundations_of_the_Needs_Hierarchy 

The Twitter conversation that Owen referenced was: https://twitter.com/wildejoanna/status/1002583221006106624?s=21

Ross discussed 'asymmetrical polling', a concept he learned about on The West Wing Weekly podcast's crossover episode with Five Thirty Eight. You can listen to that here: http://thewestwingweekly.com/episodes/002 

The transcript of the West Wing episode discussed is online at: http://www.westwingtranscripts.com/wwscripts/1-21.php 

With thanks to The Raeburn, Edinburgh.

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Ross Dickie

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